Heavy Metal Monday: 8/3/09


Trying to think of a good band to blab about every Monday morning, without having a repeat, is getting quite difficult.  It gets even harder trying to think of a song after a band has been decided.  While I was scanning through my Facebook stuff, like most of the planet does every 5 minutes, inspiration hit me across the face like a cold, wet, fish.  A great friend of mine posted the first few lyrics to a song that I can’t believe has taken me this long to use.  It comes from a band whose lead axe-man originally started out in a once great thrash band, now corporate marionettes, called Metallica…you might’ve heard of the guy.  He has gone down in history as “the dude Metallica woke up from a sound sleep, only to kick him out of the band, and hand him a bus ticket back home.”  They call him Dave Mustaine….front-man for MEGADETH.

MEGADETH: Peace Sells

Over the years, I have noticed a gargantuan rift in the metal comunity conserning MEGADETH.  Each person that I’ve talked to about the band has either been a die-hard fan, or hated Dave Mustaine with the same passion Ray Stantz had towards the pink slime (if you don’t get that referance, you are a dumb).  I could never understand this great divide, being on the supporting side for Mustaine like I am.  What is it about MEGADETH that causes so many of my metal brethren to shake their fists in rage?  What could be the terribly aweful, no-good, very bad thing that has sparked a plethora of heated debates?  This situation reminds me of the old tootsie-pop comercial…”The world may never know.”


One Response to Heavy Metal Monday: 8/3/09

  1. Dorothy says:

    I hate that band… Oh wait, I meant love.

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