Mighty Morphin’ Power Drunkard


Bad news, all you kidos of the 90s.  Zack Taylor, your favorite “Hip Hop kido” teacher and original wielder of the Mastodon Power Coin, has had a run-in with the boys in blue of Angel Grove.  It seems Zack (actor Walter Jones, in the really real world) partook of one too many “beverages” at Ernie’s Juice Bar, then went stomping around in the Mastodon Zord.  TMZ has all the details:

“The guy who played the Black Ranger on “The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” TV show was busted in ‘Bama for DUI this weekend.

“We’re told the actor — whose real name is Walter Jones — was arrested around 4 A.M. Sunday morning by Alabama State Troopers in Huntsville and booked into a local jail.”

TMZ failed to speak of the millions that the city of Angel Grove will need to shell out for repairs.  “Zord Stompage” isn’t covered in any insurance policy.

You disappoint me Zack.  From this point on, any time I hear your name the only thing that will pop in my mind will be your mug-shot.


Way to be a roll model.


One Response to Mighty Morphin’ Power Drunkard

  1. unholymoly says:

    he also made that shitty backyard wrestling movie way to be the worst role model ever

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