Heavy Metal Monday: 7/27/09


Why can’t things be as incredible as they were 20 years ago?  Seriously.  Cartoons these days suck, most movies blow, and practically every new band that comes out does nothing but wine about how miserable their lives are.  Things need to get back to the grand old days of head-banging sounds, or else I might pull an early ’90s Metallica and have a little fun with some scissors.  Before I do, it would be in my best interest to take a look at a video that captured the vibe, not to mention motto, of the decade that birthed me.

Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock!

While Twisted Sister’s album Stay Hungry remains one of their more popular records, they have 4 other skull splitting titles to complete their fist of fury.  I try to stay clear of their more recent stuff, which includes an entire CD of Christmas cover songs.  Sure it’s worth a hearty Santa Clause-ish belly shaking, but I’d rather listen to tracks like Shoot ‘Em Down, Under The Blade, and Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant).

For those out there who simply love Dee Snider, no matter what he does, here’s an old school clip of him giving the PMRC a lesson in “IN YOUR FACE 101”.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just check out the scoop on Wikipedia.

The last truly awesome music to come from Twisted Sister was featured in Dee Snider’s movie Strangeland.  In the movie, Snider plays a serial killer/bondage enthusiast/body modification fanatic/ internet stalker named Captain Howdy (a name which also happens to be one of their song titles).  It’s a great flick for horror fans and those who love to get numerous things pierced.

Have a good week, and STAY HUNGRY!!! \m/


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