Song Of The Day: “Blood Red Skies”

July 23, 2009

Judas Priest: Blood Red Skies (from the album Ram It Down)

It ain’t Monday, but I don’t give a FUCK!  Judas Fucking Priest RULES!!!!


Thursday Throwbacks: 7/23/09

July 23, 2009


Many things suck in this world; American Idol, diseases, finding out the girl you’ve been hitting on all night is a guy, etc.  But there are certain things that suck so much that they cause catastrophic events to occur.  Terrible thunderstorm…suck.  Swerving off the road to miss getting hit by a bolt of lightning…super suck.  Crashing into a top secret government lab…mega suck.  Flying into the path of a molecular transfer ray, and transforming into a sports car…EPIC SUCK!!  All of these mishaps are the preamble to a show that has been forgotten by most of the world.  It’s name is Turbo Teen. Read the rest of this entry »