Heavy Metal Monday: 7/20/09


What a weekend.  Cook-outs, parties, beers upon beers, runs to Taco Bell at 1:30 in the morning; it had everything!  The only thing that lacked was the presence of Vikings.  I should be keel-hauled.  If you’re going to be a gold-medal party machine like me, you can’t deny the Norse-men.  For if you do, the mighty wrath of the Gods will be so terrible that you’re ancestors will wail in torment.  Mine were bellowing in agony and hurling their disappointments across the annals of time.

To make up for this insult to both myself and my lineage, there is no better band to dish out some much deserved punishment than Amon Amarth.  Their brutal sound, rubber necks, and pride in their culture is exactly what I need to shatter this veil of shame that surrounds me.

Amon Amarth: Death In Fire

Watching a video like that imbues strength, pride, and a massive need to head bang, straight into my soul.  It is high time for me to get off my lazy ass, strap head-phones around my skull, get to the exercise factory, then work-out till I puke.  Nothing but the motivating sounds of Amon Amarth get me pumped enough to leave my sleeping chamber.  Well, The 13th Warrior and Conan The Barbarian have been known to work from time to time.  \m/


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