Heavy Metal Monday: 7/13/09


Watching an unhealthy amount of the new Doctor Who kinda messed my head up, a lot.  As a result, strange music has been on my mind, and there’s nothing more strange than a metal head thirsting for some punk (at least, that’s how I see things).  To quench my rare music thirst, I felt the only band capable of doing such an odd job would be The Misfits.  Their devastating fist-in-the-mouth attitude is just what the “doctor” ordered.  Huh-huh get it?  “Doctor“?  It’s FUNNY!!

The Misfits: Scream

For all the die-hard Danzig fans out there, don’t even start.  If I wanted to watch a video with Danzig in it, I’d have used Dirty Black Summer.  But I didn’t.  So there.  Nanny-nanny Poo-poo.  Besides, zombies deliver two-fisted awesome whenever they’re on film….especially when George Romero has them by the reigns.


6 Responses to Heavy Metal Monday: 7/13/09

  1. Jim says:

    nice dude…im listening to them right now ive been on such a misfits kick lately. but the Danzig era. but still….awesome dude

  2. Anonymous says:

    the misfits rock!!!!!!!! fuck all of the rest even kiss more like kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. gboy117@yahoo.com says:

    your fucking krazy man kiss rocks and so dose the misfits fucking bitch ass bastred!!!

  4. may says:

    o my god i like so love the misfits. i like love that guy with the hair.

    the misfits rule!!!

  5. andrew says:

    heavy metal rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :] :]

  6. skiba says:

    dude, you have terrible taste in the misfits.
    the post-danzig era means nothing.

    the stuff made nowadays by “the misfits” will never EVER EVER EVER come close to the stuff produced with danzig around.

    long live the ‘fits (with danzig xD)

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