Product Of The Week


Why hault the momentum of a raging good time for a Taco Bell run, at 1 in the morning, when you could just bust open a bag of taco goodness and keep on a rockin’.

A fabulous new flavor has been created at the Doritos factory, almost as if they had me in mind while making it. They call it Late Night Tacos At Midnight (as you can see by the above bag), and they are just that.  How many times have you and your friends ventured out at the wee morning hours to satisfy your taco needs?  If you’re anything like my crew, it happens every weekend.  Well hold onto your butts.  These new Doritos taste exactly like tacos!!! Meat flavored chips from south of the border; could there exist a more beautiful thing?  I think not.

I find Sam Adams Summer makes a great companion for LNTAM.  Weather it be a magical blend of spectacular spices, or drunken bliss, the two seem to work well together.

You may be faced with a hard task if trying to hunt these bad boys down.  I, myself, stumbled across them about a month ago at a convenience store, and hadn’t seen them again until a trip to Target just last week.  TARGET, of all places!!  May your quest for great snacks be an efortless endevor, and make sure you try these chips.  You’d be a fool not to.  \m/


3 Responses to Product Of The Week

  1. Justin says:

    Yeah, sorry dude. I’ve seen ’em at Target before, too, but never though better of it to fill ya in. I assumed they’d taste like ass-flavored Doritos. I’ll try ’em out soon though if you’re giving the double opposable’s up.

  2. Steve King says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!!

  3. Steve King says:

    I’ve got them at Stop&Shop Twice
    They’re so fucking good.
    Great for a fourth meal or a snack!

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