Thursday Throwbacks: 7/2/09



Don’t get yer boxers in a bunch, just yet.  Patience, my little ankle-biters.  Being super tired, like I am now, makes it very hard to think up a good cartoon for you nuts.

In order to keep you freaks on your toes, I’ve decided to throw a hefty animated wrench into your morning routine.  This show deals with the heart-breaking tale of Scott Howard, his friends/family, and an affliction that causes more problems than a cat in heat.  One could say it’s a great metaphor of a dude having puberty run him over with a freight train.  So say “BIT ME!” to the vampire fad, this dreary morning, and wolf-out to some Teen Wolf:

Teen Wolf’s Family Secret

The Werewolf Buster

Shopworn Wolf

The Curse of the Red Paw

Scott and the Howlers

Teen Wolf wasn’t the only Michael J Fox film to make the gargantuan leap from live action to animation.  Back To The Future had a run for a little while, but I never thought it could generate the 1.21 gigawats needed to surpass Teen Wolf on Saturday mornings.

Welp, the time has come for all little Vikings to rest their weary heads.  Tune in next week for another hair raising cartoon, and remember…don’t ever change.


2 Responses to Thursday Throwbacks: 7/2/09

  1. Steve King says:

    Somebody PLEASE cure Parkinson’s!!!!!!!!
    FUCK YOU W.!!!

  2. […] 1986 through December 6th of the same year, Galaxy High School rocked Saturday monings right after Teen Wolf and before CBS Storybreak.  Another great show cut down before it had a chance to grow.  When […]

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