Thursday Throwbacks: 6/25/09


Superheroes live very trying lives.  Not only must they tackle the forces of evil at a moment’s notice, it is also expected of them to save us regular folk from the throws of mortal peril.  One important question needs to be asked here:  Can such people who run on highly hectic schedules co-exist during their down-time?  Better yet, is it possible for 3 such costumed crusaders to split food, rent, and utilities?  Let’s find out what would have happen if Spiderman, Ice Man, and Firestar shared an apartment.

Spiderman And His Amazing Friends:

Triumph Of The Green Goblin

The Crime Of All Centuries

The Fantastic Mr. Frump



Vengeance Of Loki

After some careful observations, it has become quite apparent that Ice Man and Firestar have no source of income.  How in the fuck are they paying for the bills?  Either they’re moonlighting as common thugs, or Aunt May received a hefty lump sum of cash after Uncle Ben met his horrible demise, and has decided to help her nephew’s loser friends.  After all, isn’t Peter Parker the only one with a REAL job?  I would’ve had those deadbeats out on the curb, right after I dawned my blue “uniform”.


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