Pour Another One Out For Michael Jackson: 8/29/58 – 6/25/09


What in the hell is going on today?  Seriously.  First Farrah, now MJ?  I don’t normally need an excuse to drink on a Thursday, but if ever there was a great one it just kicked me in the face.  Here’s what Yahoo has to say:

Michael Jackson, the sensationally gifted “King of Pop” who emerged from childhood superstardom to become the entertainment world’s most influential singer and dancer before his life and career deteriorated in a freakish series of scandals, died Thursday, a person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press. He was 50.

The person said Jackson died in a Los Angeles hospital. The person was not authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity.

The circumstances of his death were not immediately clear. Jackson was not breathing when Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to a call at his Los Angeles home about 12:30 p.m., Capt. Steve Ruda told the Los Angeles Times. The paramedics performed CPR and took him to UCLA Medical Center, Ruda told the newspaper.”

With MJ now gone, I foresee millions of people professing their grief.  Well you know what, I’ve been blasting his music during drunken dance sessions at Old Camelot for years, so SCREW YOU!! Posers seriously cheese me off.

For the rest of the evening I will be booty-bouncing and moon-walking, while wishing I had a pet monkey.  If this is just the first half of the year, it’s going to be interesting to see who will be taken from us in the second half.  Now, where’s the booze?


One Response to Pour Another One Out For Michael Jackson: 8/29/58 – 6/25/09

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