Epic Tippage


This one goes out to all you hard working waiters/waitresses, bartenders, and barristas.  From Yahoo:

Johnny Depp has previously said that money isn’t the key to happiness.  But during a visit to a Chicago restaurant, the star certainly brought joy to one unsuspecting waiter with a reported sizable tip.

Once the bill came around 2:30 AM — totaling up to a reported $4,400 — Depp made sure the man who waited on the group into the late hours was well compensated for his time, as Mohammaed A. Sekhani reportedly received a $4,000 tip from the star.”

If only all people were that awesome.


One Response to Epic Tippage

  1. Desert Dweller says:

    Tea, but he is still a bum in my eyes. Damn wanna be Frenchie

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