Thursday Throwbacks: 6/18/09


Monsters of all kinds simply rule.  It doesn’t matter if they be vampires, werewolves, or huge ass mummies.  They continue affect our lives, weather we realize it or not.  Don’t act like you’ve never sat around with yer buddies, asking the age old question, “Who’d win in a fight?”.  I’ve found a show about monsters beating the crap out of one an other, on a regular basis.  Now we can finally see just who the victor would be if The Mummy took on Dracula.  Enjoy Darkstalkers.

Out of the Dark

Donavon’s Bane

Pyramid Power

Originally a Street Fighter style video game, Vampire Hunter/Vampire, as it’s known in Europe and Asia, allowed you to have all out brawls between the many different monsters.

I think it’s way past the time that I find these games.  They would enduce many hours of drunken entertainment.


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