Heavy Metal Monday: 6/15/09


Hungover, beaten down, and sore from the ends of my hair to very tips of my toes.  I have returned from the mightiest weekend in history, swelling with accomplishment and beer gas.  Many wild adventures took place down in Connecticut, but the only way to capture the vibe is through the magic of song.  To give you a small taste of what Monster – Mania Con felt like, I’m going to pound yer face into powder with some EXODUS.

EXODUS: The Toxic Waltz

Weather it be downing drink, after drink, after drink with Derek Mears (Jason in the new Friday The 13th), or barreling down the highway giving the finger to people that didn’t deserve it, The Toxic Waltz was the perfect soundtrack.  It keeps you pumped, makes testosterone squirt out yer eyes, and stays crunchy even in milk.


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