Thursday Throwbacks: 6/11/09


Tomorrow afternoon, I will be traveling to the far away land of Connecticut for a weekend of horror movie mayhem.  The Monster-Mania Horror convention will be three days of meeting celebs, drinking booze, and complete jackassery.  In honor of this auspicious occasion, I have chosen a cartoon that has a fairly simple story, yet shares the same motif as the adventure that lays in store for me.  Huge…Fuck…Monsters.  Need I say more?  Let’s smash stuff, and break buildings, with the INHUMANOIDS:

I can remember watching this show as a child with two major feelings about it; love and absolute terror.  The action side appealed to my desire for cartoons with stuff getting blowed up, while the thought of those monsters becoming real had my mom on constant bed-sheet cleaning duty.  That episode where the girl gets transformed into a heinous horror hag left a lasting impression on me, but not like the kind you get from watching The Never Ending Story for the first time.  It warped my fragile little mind.  From that point on, any time I’d watch a show were a “good” character went evil by means of torture, or mutation, it rattled me.  Now it’s totally hilarious.  Weird huh?

Check out these rad toys that got pumped out as a result of the show’s popularity:









Let it be known, here and now, that for my death I want to be stomped on by one of these monsters.  Quick, painless, and I’ll probably get set on fire if it’s done by MAGNOKOR.  That’s almost like a Viking funeral, right?

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