FUTURAMA: It’s Highly Addictive!


“Space.  It seems to go on and on forever.  But then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you.”  Philip J. Fry spoke these words on March 28th, 1999, setting the tone for one of the best television shows to ever have been spawned from the mind of Matt Groening.  FUTURAMA.

After going through a cancellation, killer DVD sales, as well as 4 fantastic films, something truly spectacular has happened.  Comedy Central has succumbed to the gaze of Hypnotoad and has agreed to produce 26 new episodes.  SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!!! This is the greatest thing to happen since the invention of the What-If? Machine!!  USA Today has the skinny:

“Comedy Central says it’s bringing the animated comedy Futurama back from past cancellation for 26 new half-hour episodes.

“The new episodes, produced as before by Matt Groening (GREE’ning) and David X. Cohen, are expected to air on Comedy Central beginning in mid-2010. Twentieth Century Fox Television could license the new series for a broadcast network.”

2010 may seem like it lies at the edge of the universe right now.  Just remember, we lasted 4 years with only re-runs/DVDs to satisfy our FUTURAMA fixation, and we’re about half way through this year already.  We’ll be balls deep in SLURM, robots, and horrible gelatinous blobs in no time!


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