Late Night With Zack Morris


Now that Conan O’brien sits behind the chin-dented desk previously occupied by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, Late Night was given a new host.  He is the un-funny SNL alum who doesn’t even deserve to live, let alone get his own talk show.  Despite the absolute hatred that boils throughout my body, Jimmy Fallon is actually doing something that I can respect.  Fallon is embarking on a mission to reunite the famed class from Bayside High.  That’s right, the fictitious school from the hit ’90s sitcom Saved By The Bell.

281495605YkFhYD_phOn last night’s show, actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar Zack Morris showed up in complete “Preppie” garb, and by the Gods it was fantastic.  The blond hair, the high tops, the massive old school cell phone; it was enough to have me jonesing for a MAX burger ‘n fries.

Aside from Morris maintaining the classic cool we all know and love (schooling Fallon in some killer SBTB trivia, talking through the camera to the audience at home, and rocking a few bad ass “Time Outs”), nothing could have prepared me for what he did at the end of the show.  Zack dawned a guitar and jammed out to “Friends Forever” with Fallon’s band.  Zack Attack in full effect Mo-Fo!

I don’t trust Jimmy Fallon any further than I can throw him.  Being the pipsqueak that he is, you can bet it’s quite the distance.  But if he actually manages to pull off a full-on class reunion, he will have my respect.  The thought of this happening does sound possible, with the exception of one cast member.  Satan will be speed-skating to work before Dustin Diamond Samuel “Screech” Powers agrees to anything like that.

Check out the entire segment that was aired last night, then sign the petition to get this reunion a happenin’.  I may lothe Jimmy Fallon, but this is one amazing idea.  If Diamond “Screech” wants to play Captain Buzz-Kill, he should know that it will take a lot more than porno peddling to get his career back on track.


3 Responses to Late Night With Zack Morris

  1. Gabriel says:

    Fucking incredible.

  2. […] over Conan’s show.  During one episode, Fallon had Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell as a guest.  As it turns out, Fallon is trying to put together a SBTB reunion.  Now, even though I admire […]

  3. Ma Dzledzic says:

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