Heavy Metal Monday: 6/8/09


“Side order, could be your daughter.  Finger licking good.”

Even though Lemmy considers Motorhead to be a rock-and-roll group, they are heavy metal, through and through.  Any time I listen to a single song from them, I must get hammered.  Immediately.  There’s no question about it.  Motorhead is the kind of band that would rock your socks off during the show, then kick the shit out of you after.  They don’t fuck around.

As my little homage to the absolute greatness that is Motorhead, and because I wore one of their shirts to work last night, here is some major kick-assery from the AIRHEADS soundtrack.  It’s not the “just Lemmy” version, which is waaay better if you ask me.  The world could do without that hardcore, douche-bag, fuck-head Whitfield Crane.

Motorhead: Born to Raise Hell

Normally I would give you a little blurb, either about the band or how they’ve impacted my life.  But I worked 4 extra hours today, so sleep is all you’ll get out of me.  Just remember….the eyes of The Ranger are upon you.  \m/


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