Thursday Throwbacks: 6/4/09


Video games…awesome.  Fantasy adventure…more awesome.  Combining both into a Friday afternoon television show, with a dash of wise ass hero…..super stupid awesome.  At the tail end of the 80’s something magical happened to us Nintendo nuts.  All of our most favorite pixelated characters began to come to life; busting their way out of the cartridge hell they were stuck in, and invading our televisions.  Not one of us complained.  It was magical.

I have tracked down one of the best, if not THE best, Nintendo themed cartoons.  This one follows the never ending battle between an evil pig-like wizard, a princess that can never be satisfied, and a sharp tongued daredevil whose work is never done.  You may have spent many an hour guiding this hero through the treacherous panels of Hyrule slaying monsters, collecting magic items, and dungeon crawling your ass off.  I hope you have all of your heart containers, for you might just need to find a few fairies after watching….The Legend of Zelda.







Animation wasn’t the only medium for Nintendo to cash in on.  In their infinite wisdom, the big wigs of the titanic corporation found a way to bring action to our breakfast tables.  They took the games Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., used some sorcery to turn them into tiny crunch pieces, then stuffed them in their own vacuum sealed bags and wrapped them in a cleverly designed box.  What we were left with may have been the greatest duel-food of my childhood.


That’s right.  They went there.  Now if only they’d use their money fogged brains to do this again.  I know plenty of people who would gladly shell out a good 10 bucks a box for the nostalgia factor alone.  Breakfast cereals suck ass now.

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