Pour One Out For: David Carradine 12/8/36 – 6/3/09

June 4, 2009


Just when I thought today was going to kick some stellar ass, I find some terribly awful no good very bad news.  Renowned actor David Carradine has died.  I know.  Fucking sucks!  Here’s what Yahoo found out about this travesty, but I warn you…you may not like what you’ll learn. Read the rest of this entry »


Thursday Throwbacks: 6/4/09

June 4, 2009


Video games…awesome.  Fantasy adventure…more awesome.  Combining both into a Friday afternoon television show, with a dash of wise ass hero…..super stupid awesome.  At the tail end of the 80’s something magical happened to us Nintendo nuts.  All of our most favorite pixelated characters began to come to life; busting their way out of the cartridge hell they were stuck in, and invading our televisions.  Not one of us complained.  It was magical. Read the rest of this entry »