BY THE GODS!!! First Look At “God Of War 3”!!


The annual video game/nerd/hotties dressed as fantasy characters convention, famously known as E3, is in full swinging effect.  Gamers from all walks of life have gathered to bear witness to the slew of video madness that will be released in the not to far off future.

Since we here at RBM partake in the classiest of leisure time activities, we don’t get limp wristed with our video games either.  Weather it be a raucous night of beer and Street Fighter 4, or killing work hours with God of War:  Chains of Olympus, only the best will do.  That being said, we formally bring the E3 demo of God of War 3 into your yearning hearts.  Enjoy.

adgj;askldgn….sorry about that.  That just made me pass out for a second.  If this is just a small fraction of what the finnished game is going to look like I should start working on my will, for I am going to die from being awesomed to death.  Should this happen, Oh Mars gets first go at my DVD collection, both Boba Fett and Slave Leia cut-outs, and a complete set of Burger King Star Trek glasses.  \m/

One Response to BY THE GODS!!! First Look At “God Of War 3”!!

  1. Justin says:

    E3 is usually my favorite time of the year. Better than last years by far, but I wish there was more than like 2-3 games that looked cool to me for PS3. I’ll be getting GoW3 I’m sure, and definitely The Last Guardian and Fat Princess.

    In years past, I basically just said screw going outside and stayed in and kept track of all the new reveals for 3-4 days.

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