Prick Of The Month: June 2009


“Shooter’s not about to let his reign at the top be spoiled by some freak sideshow clown.”

Cocksure, sleazy, arrogant, and a not so sharp wit with the pants to mach, golfing “great” Shooter McGavin oozes prickery on the course as well as off.  His only goal in life is to obtain the coveted Championship Golden Jacket and he will stop at nothing to get it.  Weather it be hiring a heckler to throw off rival Happy Gilmore’s game,   purchasing the house of Happy’s grandmother, or simply stealing the jacket outright, Shooter is one opponent you don’t want to annoy.

The moxie that makes this marvelous asshole spark to life comes from a deeper source.  Actor Christopher McDonald is the swaggering hotdog that gives Shooter McGavin his venom.  mcgavinHe has an uncanny knack for playing characters that are pure dirtbags.

Now I don’t know what kind of guy Master McDonald is in the really real world, but if he’s anything like the characters he plays in the movies I would certainly hesitate before making a slick comment about him, if I knew he was near by.  Every one of them either intimidates, insults, or (on those beautiful rare occasions) charms the pants off those around him.  You can almost taste the vileness that drips off of that forked tongue of his; a quality lacking in most pricks.

To get a clear picture of the extent of Chris McDonald’s ability at arrogance, jet over to Netflix and look up some of the better movies he has been in:  DUTCH, Dirty Work, Grumpy Old Men, Happy Gilmore, Celtic Pride, House Arrest, and FANBOYS.  It’s raining out, so you have no excuse what so ever to not watch at least 3 of these.  \m/


2 Responses to Prick Of The Month: June 2009

  1. probot8 says:

    Is this your ball? It struck my foot.

  2. unholymoly says:

    he was such a good prick in dirty work

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