Strike A Pose, G.I.JOE!


I never was a huge fan of G.I.JOE.  My time was better spent with Voltron, Thundercats, and Transformers.  However, this does look to be one awesome movie.  Maybe I only feel this way because of the hot babes in tight leather, or the hopes of seeing the true face of Destro: the man behind the mask.  Either way, I will be seeing this movie.


One Response to Strike A Pose, G.I.JOE!

  1. Oh Mars says:

    TWO taglines on one poster? (and yes, evil has looked that good before – even better in most cases)
    Sienna Miller’s face is photoshopped beyond recognition.
    The poster designer threw all laws of perception out the window. Hence, an 8 foot tall, 350 lb. Snake Eyes.

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