No-Name To Play Loki


A movie about Thor just wouldn’t be complete without that son of a bitch Loki.  That would be like taking a swig of Moxie and not getting that beautiful shot of flavor once the bottle leaves your lips, or driving by a beautiful woman without yelling something to creep her out.  It’s just wouldn’t feel right.  The boys over at Deadline Hollywood Daily have discovered that Tom “The Unknown” Hiddleston has been picked to create major havoc for the Aesir.

“I’ve learned that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and Thor director Kenneth Branagh have cast their Loki, the nemesis to the lead in Thor set for release on May 20, 2011. He’s Tom Hiddleston, unknown to American audiences but an award-winning British actor and Royal Academy Of Dramatic Arts (RADA) graduate. He played Winston Churchill’s son in HBO’s The Gathering Storm, but, more to the point, note that Hiddleston starred in Ivanov opposite Sir Kenneth on the London stage and also starred with him in the BBC miniseries Wallander. In 2008, Hiddleston was nominated twice for the Laurence Olivier Stage Award for Best Newcomer – for his roles in Othello and Cymbeline. He won for the latter.”

This looks to be a much better casting choice than with Thor.  I could totally see this dude cracking a sinister smile after concocting an evil scheme to knock Thor down a few pegs.  Maybe we’ll get to see a little impalement action on behalf of Loki.  Those things could do some serious damage, and I’m not talking about on the battle field either.  \m/


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