Thursday Throwbacks: 5/14/09


With every new generation comes a need for change, whether it be on a grand scale, or as little as updating a classic theme.  The 80’s brought us young whippersnappers a variation on the timeless backyard shoot ’em up of “Cowboys and Indians”, only this time around we didn’t need to actually leave the house.  Thanks to the glory of syndication, the children of my generation got to watch futuristic space cowboys tear up the galaxy with lazer guns!

600 parsecs from Earth lies New Texas, a planet rich with the very valuable mineral Kerium.  Once discovered, many other planets descended upon this little planet to mine the precious material.  As with any situation involving money, massive amounts of bad dudes tried to steal the Kerium, and decided to cause some raucous amongst the natives.  From the far reaches of the universe came a 23rd century Native American law man, along with his trusty steed.  Able to call upon spirit powers such as Eyes of the Hawk, Ears of the Wolf, Strength of the Bear, and Speed of the Puma, Marshall BraveStarr and Thirty/Thirty, the last surviving Equestroid (a cybernetic breed of sentient equines), have sworn to put an end to the evil Stampede, along with his minion Tex Hex.  Let the battle begin!!!!

Tunnel of Terror:


The Day the Town was Taken:

Brother’s Keeper:

Kerium Fever:

Due to a critical error on behalf of lovesYAO, the remaining few minutes of “Kerium Fever” can’t be found on YouTube.  Send your angry-mail to this person and demand to find out what happens!

Being the last animated series to be pumped out by Filmation, BraveStarr fell in suit with Masters of the Universe by manufacturing some kick ass toys for us crazed children.



Here are a few shots of a custom BraveStarr figure I found, done by one seriously dedicated to the show:





I hope you enjoyed this weeks Cartoon Throwback.  See you next week for another sweet show that’ll make your eyes pop out of your head as you say “HOLY CRAP! I REMEMBER THIS SHOW!!!”.  \m/


One Response to Thursday Throwbacks: 5/14/09

  1. Justin says:

    I have to admit that some of those toys are ridiculously amazing, even by today’s standards. I have a slight suspicion though that this series may have sparked some inspiration in a certain anime series by the name of Trigun.

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