“American Gladiators” Movie Theater Version


Ever sit around, bored off your ass on a Sunday afternoon, and wonder what it would be like if Lazer, Turbo, Zap, Gemini, Nitro, Ice and the others, unloaded the Assault tennis ball cannon on the big screen?  I know I sure have.  Well it looks as if a full length film about those television titans is in the works. From Variety:

“Johnny Ferraro, creator of the “American Gladiators” TV franchise, is bringing a live-action adaptation of the property to the big screen.

“The film will be based on the TV show that first aired in 1988 and has been on the air every year except one during the past 20 years. Most recently, NBC aired a prime-time installment in 2008. The show has aired in more than 90 countries, with the format adapted for the local market in 14 of them.

“Former Legendary Pictures chief marketing officer Scott Mednick is producing “American Gladiators.” The goal is to create an action story that takes place inside the world Ferraro has created.

“I look forward to creating a compelling story that launches a whole new set of characters,” Mednick said.Ferraro noted “American Gladiators” was originally conceived as a film, but the property “took a detour and became a TV phenomenon.” Mednick, who recently began developing a film installment in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, has producing credits including “300,” “Superman Returns” and the upcoming “Where the Wild Things Are.”

If what this article is saying turns out to be true, there is no force on this planet (or any other) that could stop me from seeing this film.  The only way this could get any more amazing would be if there turns out to be a scene involving Diamond, Lace, and Electra venting their frustrations while chilling in a sauna.  That would be so sweet my teeth would fall out.


One Response to “American Gladiators” Movie Theater Version

  1. probot8 says:

    The Gladiators should be pitted against that Bronson dude and Shatner should drop by and SABATAAAAGE the whole thing.

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