“Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus” Trailer

This movie looks so awesome that my pants just got a little wet.  My money’s on the airplane biting shark that seems to also have the ability of flight.  Who do you think’ll win this battle of epic proportions?  Who’s finnishing move will pack more power?  Why are Debbie Gibson and The Renegade trying to act?

3 Responses to “Mega Shark VS Giant Octopus” Trailer

  1. probot8 says:

    Well, the shark chows down on the Golden Gate Bridge and the Octopus fly-swats an airplane out of the sky so I would have to put my money on the audience winning.

  2. Oh Mars says:

    Well played, Probot. Well played.

  3. BFD says:

    ahem! it’s no longer Debbie, it’s Debora now

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