Thursday Throwbacks: 5/7/09


By Defender & Oh Mars

And then, from the field of the future, a new king will come…to save the past.

Cartoons of yesteryear slay those of today, hands down.  Not only were they expertly created using the stone age technology of hand drawn animation (usually by Japanese slaves), but most of them would shield-bash your face into a brick wall by the sheer kick-assery of the theme song alone.  Others used epic brute force to bully you into total blind devotion every Saturday or Sunday morning, while some just translated into bitchin’ action figures.

I have been holding out for the right time to present this week’s Throwback for many reasons, even though requests for it bombard my sound receptors on an almost daily basis.  For you see today’s pick encompasses everything you loved about old school adventure toons, while placing a modern day team of heroes in Medieval times to boot.  Lace up your Nike brand kleets, adjust your athletic protecting cup while dawning that beat-to-shit full plate armor, and readying your preferred death dealing weapon.  Here to dish out a dose of Dark Age devastation, at long last, comes none other than King Arthur and The Knights of Justice!


“I am King Arthur…and we are the Knights of Justice. We pledge fairness to all, to protect the weak and vanquish the evil!!!”

So goes the pledge of New England Knights’ quarterback Arthur King and his Knights of Justice. Merlin pulls them through time after the original King Arthur and Co. are trapped in the Cave of Glass by the evil enchantress Morgan le Fay.

As much as it pains me to say this, it must be said.  King Arthur and his palls were never able to return to their original time for good.  The show only ran for one year and then got the axe, just like every other totally rockin’ show that kids love more than the parents who birthed them.  We can only hope that by use of a major “quarterback sneak”, a few “Hail Mary passes”, and laying down a pimp hand that shook the fabric of time, that all was set well in Camelot.

We at RBM hope you have enjoyed this very special tag-team instalment of Thursday Throwbacks, and will gladly take more of your requests.  Just make sure they are full of complete awesomeness or we’ll feed ProBot lots of candy, dump a gallon of soda into his system, then send him knocking on your door.  See ya next week.  \m/


One Response to Thursday Throwbacks: 5/7/09

  1. probot8 says:

    and for the record i now only speak in Tasty Puff-ese, creating wacky rhyming phrases so you can imagine how annoying that will be…

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