“Deadpool” Movie Gets The O.K.?


Deadpool is one of those characters that I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about.  I DO know enough to say that the Wolverine movie only showed the true Deadpool for like 5 minutes, if that, and what true fans got was what happens when Hollywood decides to run a train on comics.  For some bizarre reason, Wolverine did well at the box office and now a Ryan Reynolds spin off is going to be made.  From Yahoo:

“Following the monster weekend for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and a day after announcing that a Hugh Jackman-powered sequel is in the works, 20th Century Fox has confirmed to E! News that Jackman’s costar Ryan Reynolds will be given his own spinoff and potential franchise-launcher as the Marvel Comics antihero Deadpool.”

As if we didn’t see that coming.  They go on with more info that really lit a fire under my ass:

“The 32-year-old Canadian actor, otherwise known as Mr. Scarlett Johansson, will again star as Wade Wilson, a wisecracking, cancer-stricken mercenary who’s cured of the disease after undergoing the same Weapon X genetic alteration as Wolverine.

But along with superhuman powers, enhanced strength and self-regenerating healing powers, the slightly unhinged Deadpool can absorb the abilities of dead and captured mutants.”

After long hours of investigation, I was unable to find any history of Deadpool using this ability in the comics.  If such information exists, please feel free to correct my scholarly aptitude.  But seeing as how I wasn’t privy to the special Deadpool head collection/finger to mouth/ shushing the audience scene, I had no way to foresee this spin-off being hinted at.  Not like I can prevent this from happening, the thought of them using that mutated mess sends bits of vomit into my mouth.  I think I’ll go wash my mouth out with gasoline.  \m/

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