Good Song Bad Song

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The latest single to be released off the new Eminem album, 3 am, seems to be the strongest lyrically and thematically out of trifecta of singles to drop so far including Crack a Bottle and We Made You. While it doesn’t have the party atmosphere of the previously mentioned singles, it does has that vintage Slim Shady-batshit-crazy feel that makes you remember why Em is, as Oh Mars put it,  “probably the king of making words rhyme you wouldn’t think of.” Interesting chorus to say the least.

We can’t be all sunshine and roses though and I think you’ll agree with me after you hear this song Hey You the new single by 311. I was perfeclty fine with just ignoring this song when I heard it on WBCN on my way to work Friday, but then I heard it again this morning and realized it’s going to be shoved down our ear holes this summer. This song sucks on so many levels; it has awful bromance lyrics (hey dudes, check out my new song, it’s about dudes) terrible singing and well, the fact that it’s by fucking 311 doesn’t help it out much either. Listen to it because I had too.


One Response to Good Song Bad Song

  1. cindy says:

    Like the summer 311 shit all over The Cure? FML. And I usually like covers, but even I know when to stop.

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