Only Built for Cuban Linx II

The most highly anticpated Wu release in the past decade finally has a release date. On August 11, 2009 Only Built for Cuban Linx II, the follow up to the first Raekwon solo album (also the greatest Wu solo album), is being released. Instrumentals and unfinished tracks have been leaking off this album for like three years so it’s a relief to finally have a solid date. This also means when I’m just coming down from my GI Joe high, I get hit with the Citizen Kane II of Wu albums.

The above video is pretty mediocre, but the verses from Ghost and Rae are anything but. In true 90s rap video fa$hion, there’s some kind of arbitrary storyline going on concerning the Wu being under surveillance by feds or some shit. Whatever. I’m sure you noticed I used the Roman numeral “II” in the album title rather than the Arabic numeral “2” used in the above video. I’m into phallic symbols, deal with it.



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