Thursday Throwbacks: 4/30/09


Dinosaurs, monsters, barbarian families, and strange gelatinous morph-balls are the stuffs that hypnotized me every Saturday morning.  I would rise from my bed, toss my Masters of the Universe sheets to the wind, clumsily pour myself a bowl of Legend of Zelda/Super Mario Bros. cereal (leaving more food on the table than in the container), then plop my scrawny 7 year old ass in front of the t.v. (spilling more milk and Nintendo crunch-puffs all over my Bumble Lion slippers in the process) for a weekend of action packed adventures in animation.  I plan on reliving those very events today, and I will be taking you all along with me.

We return, once again, to the decade of Hanna Barbera.  Those two cartoon creating crazies pumped out more hit toons than pizzas consumed by the Ninja Turtles.  Many have either been forgotten by our generation, or are now getting slapped silly by the censors (specifically Tom & Jerry).  Before this can happen any further, I have decided to bring another of Hanna Barbera’s greats thundering through time for your entertainment, with lasers and molten rocks a blazin’.  Here come The Herculoids:

The Mutoids

The Gladiators of Kyanite

The Antidote

Attack From Space

Defeat of Ogron

Destroyer Ants

Mekkano, The Machine Man

Prisoners of The Bubble Man

The Android People

The Crystalites

Damn.  All those explosions, roars, growls, and feats of athleticism have inspired the hell out of me.  I need to get my ass to the gym before lethargy takes over.  Tune in next week for a special surprise contributor on a totally kick ass cartoon.  You may think you know who and what they are, but you’re wrong, so don’t even try.  Later sluts! \m/


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