Swine Flu Saves Tumbling US Economy

Remember when you couldn’t turn on the television, radio or go online without being bombarded with information about housing markets, credit crunches (how many am I supposed to do to get a flat stomach?), rising unemployment and the overall downward spiral of the US economy? I know, I barely remember it either because that was SOOO last week. Anyway, thanks to the swine flu I haven’t heard about financial problems in forever. They must have all been solved. I think I heard something about GM restructuring as per order of the US government, but then I saw someone cough and not cover their mouth and my attention was immediately drawn back to our newest crises.

Anyway, I think we all need to say a little thank you to the swine flu for allowing us to forget about the economy for a little bit.

I’ve also really had a craving for bacon lately. Thanks, Swing Flu!!!


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