The Origin of Swine Flu

In this highly informative video we learn the true origin of Swine Flu as well as how to combat the disease from becoming a pandemic.

For actual information on Swine Flu and not apocolyptic ranting and raving go here.

2 Responses to The Origin of Swine Flu

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    So farting is like a celebration in Belgium? Seemed like a pretty joyous occasion. I think its important to be knowledgable about other cultures, and this was certainly educational. So thanks YouTube and Probot. Now I know if I ever go to Belgium I should fill up on beans and jalapeno poppers and let er’ rip to make friends. And then we will all have a singalong and take a bath. Joepieee!

  2. That was very catchy. If only I knew Belgian…

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