Reebok x Gremlins


Here are the Reebok “Gremlins” Pump Omni Lights, sporting a colorway inspired by Spike and Gizmo from Gremlins. It would be cool if the mogwai colorway turned into the Spike colorway when you get them wet. We have that technology, don’t we? Sure we do, they’re cloning sheep now.

They’re not cloning sheep. It’s the same sheep. I saw Harry Blackstone do the same trick with a handkerchief on the old Dean Martin Show!

Ahem – sorry, had to get that out of my system. It’s from Seinfeld, dummy.




2 Responses to Reebok x Gremlins

  1. defender669 says:

    well there was always the classic Freezie Freakies techno marvel.

  2. All sweet shoes are rendered irrelevant by the fact that I wear a fucking size 15. I’d be all over these, or the various video-game inspired kicks coming out these days.

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