Popeye’s Can Go Cluck Themselves

Popeye’s ran a special advertising an 8-piece for $4.99 and because of the overwhelming response, a Rochester area store ran out of chicken. “How am I supposed to feed my family?” one disgruntled man asked.

Sometimes at RBM we like to address the serious issues of our nation, like race. Everyone interviewed in this video seems to be…not white.


3 Responses to Popeye’s Can Go Cluck Themselves

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    Every town that ran out of chicken coincidently had the highest popluation of African Americans. It makes me sad that there is still segregation and its evident in the fast food industry. I mean…why cant they just go down the street to KFC? Why do whites eat at KFC and blacks at Popeye’s. I too have a dream..that one day we can all eat at Popeyes and KFC together and there will be enough chicken for everyone! Except that big fella…I have a feeling this wasnt his first lap around that drive-thru today, dont you? So let’s finish what MLK started..

  2. probot8 says:

    Best quote: “No chicken? Or they just out of chicken?”

  3. defender669 says:

    i love how that woman talked back to a recorded message being played at a closed store.

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