Product of the Week: Rocket Fishing Rod

With summer fast approaching it’s time to take stock of all your necessary outdoor equipment. For me personally, this involves checking all my fishing tackle and making a trip up to the Kittery Trading Post to make sure I’m prepared for any freshwater fishing scenario that could come my way. That was, until now. This summer I will be massively revamping my approach to fishing. Starting with this bad boy, the Rocket Fishing Rod. It’s scientifically proven that rockets make everything better so why would a fishing rod be any different?

Now for my real analysis.

If your spazoid ADHD kid needs a fucking Supersoaker fishing rod to appreciate fishing, guess what? Don’t take him or her fishing. Actually, check that. If your kid needs this thing to appreciate fishing you should have started taking them fishing long ago because fishing is probably one of the best ways to bond with your kid, parent or grandparent known to man. It’s also a great way to enjoy a few (dozen) beers with a friend or to impress a girl by looking rugged. So, don’t buy this cheap piece of junk for your kid. Get a trusty Zebco push-button rod and go dig some worms and have Junior catch sunfish and perch until his forearms ache from reeling ’em in.

That being said, I still kinda want one.


2 Responses to Product of the Week: Rocket Fishing Rod

  1. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    Its not only a fishing rod, its a weapon too! While the idea is pretty neato, it still looks like some sorta weird anal probe. Like it says, you just “pump, launch, and reel them in.” Hmm…thats pretty fishy (get it!). Ill stick to the ol’ regular fishing rod and gummy worm bait.

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