Heavy Metal Monday: 4/27/09


Sweat was pouring down my face; arms burning from intensity.  As I was in the middle of my second set at the gym, the shuffle on my iPod kicked me in the ass so hard that I almost dropped the weights on my throat.  If it weren’t for my cat like reflexes, you’d be reading the typings of a Viking ghost.  Time to make your birds explode, and your fish boil in their tank.  Let the power of Primal Fear do to you what it almost did to me.

Primal Fear: Armageddon

When my good friend Lord Dan of Goldberg first played this song for me, I argued with him for a good hour that the vocals of Ralf Scheepers were those of Rob Halford.  I may have been wrong, but you can clearly see how anyone could make a mistake like that.  Hell, both dudes had long hair at one point, then had a run-in with a razor gone mad.  Regardless of his choice of hairstyle, Scheepers is one bad ass dude and this video proves it.

Of the three Primal Fear albums I own, Black Sun would have to be my fav.  Each song is like a kick in the face, and continues to bash your nose through your skull until the album’s end.  If you don’t have Black Sun, I suggest you get it today.  Spend this sunny day from Hell tooling around, windows rolled all the way down, cranking your stereo to it’s maximum volume alowance.  You may piss off the yuppie mommies and daddies pushing their children around in carages with off-road tires, but that’s tough shit for them.  To quote from Airheads, “If it’s too loud, then you’re too old!”.  \m/


One Response to Heavy Metal Monday: 4/27/09

  1. Jesus Christ, I thought I was the only one who owned a Primal Fear album. They’re absolutely absurd in all the right ways.

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