Thursday Throwbacks: 4/23/09


Super heroes take the word awesome and blast it with eyeball rays.  They kick more ass than Red Foreman threatens to.  So when three other worldly super powers combine forces to thwart the evils of the universe, a new word needs to be created to describe just how beyond cool a scenario like that is.  Today we will brave the unknown, visit strange planets, and meet weird monsters that haven’t been seen since the late ’60’s.

The Galaxy Trio comprised of Vapor Man, Meteor Man, and Gravity Girl.  Playing the rolls of Galaxy Cops, they roamed around various solar systems in their ship Condor 1, laying down some brute force on the numerous space junkies, na’er-d0-wells, and crooks that were up to no good.  Now that’s one COPS episode I’d watch over and over again.

The Battle of the Aquatrons:

Revolt of the Robots:

Titan the Titanium Man:

Versus Growliath:

The Cavemen of Primeva:

The Demon Raiders:

The Duplitrons:

The Eye of Time:

You may be wondering why this program was only about 7 minutes long.  The Galaxy Trio was originaly aired with Birdman (not Harvey Birdman: Atourney at Law), and even though it’s short in length it makes up for it with POWER!  \m/


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