Do You Remember? Rescue 911

I had a really weird moment of rediscovery today when a conversation Oh Mars and I were having jarred something loose in my brain: the awesomeness that was the television program Rescue 911. Beginning in the fall of 1989 the show ran for seven seasons, but since 2005 the program has been completely out of syndication.

I have just begun combing the youtube archives to see what is available, but I remember this clip, from an episode in the third season, as clear as day. I was only 9 or 10 when I would have seen this, but even then I remember thinking this kid, who is 12, was a complete jackass. Oh, and believe me, my gang of neighborhood hooligans and I were up to very similar shenanigans.

In fact, it was around this very time that I realized how much of a fucking pyromaniac I was. For fun my neighbor and I would fill up the backs of Tonka dump trucks with gasoline and light them on fire. This went terribly wrong on only one occasion when the gas can caught fire, tipped over and briefly ignited the sand in the sandbox that served as ground zero of our experiments. Luckily, we were pretty quick witted and were able to grab buckets to pool water and douse the blaze. That, and no parents were home to catch a glipse of our potential forest fire.

Anyway, this clip is just one of many to come. Let me know if you remember the show or a specific episode or segment and we can relive the magic of Rescue 911 all over again.


5 Responses to Do You Remember? Rescue 911

  1. Oh Mars says:

    “BUmper Baby” is fucking bananas.

  2. cindy says:

    For the longest time my grandmother only got three stations on her shitty little television and THIS show was one of very few I could watch at her house. William Shatner? Best guy for the job? I think so.
    “Roller Coaster Rescue”
    “Stop, Drop and Roll” High five for the rat tail. Best line, “If I hadn’t rolled him over he probably would have died.” Uhhh, if you hadn’t got the bright idea to use gasoline he wouldn’t need you to “roll him over.” Sorry he was soooo preoccupied being burned to death to think of something you guys learned a year or so ago in school.

  3. A2ThaCFoSho says:

    Little tip: LET GO of the firework! Dont try to put in out in the rug. Its not a cigerette. I too can relate to the curiosity of fire, almost starting a few back yard fires myself. And besides the jumping jack firework wars my family used to have throwing those suckers at each others feet and making each other dance to avoid being burned, i have also had a couple fireworks blow up in my hand as a youngin. None THAT bad. Take home point: Dont teach your kids not to play with fire or fireworks (cause their gonna), teach them good timing when LETTING IT GO.

  4. the good doctor says:

    yeah i had a firework blow up in my hand, but it was small, and only blew up because it was old. thanks to uncle michael for the fourth of july merriment. and i totally agree kids are gonna play with firework no matter what, just like drinking and smoking doobies, so teach em safety first, and how to roll a nice cone.

  5. Justin says:

    Let’s just be glad he didn’t try sticking it in his mouth, thinking if he wet the fuse it’d go out.

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