For those of us still feeling the hole in our hearts left by the end of Battlestar Galactica, the “prologue” of Ron Moore’s prequel series Caprica was released on DVD and digital download today. It’s an epic cock tease since the actual series doesn’t begin on television until early 2010.

Set against the backdrop of a society not far ahead of our own, Caprica is more of a traditional drama than a space opera. With the troubled relationship between the Adamas and the Graystones at its center, the series has even been described as “television’s first science fiction family saga.” Through the entanglements of the two families, the series will ponder “the ethical dilemmas that we as a human race are going to have to face very shortly.” (Wikipedia, dummies)

My review will be up tomorrow, if you’re lucky.

UPDATE: No, you won’t see a review of this until Friday or Saturday. Life, man.

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