Crazy Crap: 4/18/09

Nothing will ever beat the feeling I use to get on “family” movie night watching HBO.  My little Viking eyes opened so wide they hit the back of my skull.  It was if the Gods opened the Gates of Valhalla to deliver the glory of HBO to our livingroom.  I didn’t even care about what movie we were about to watch.  It could’ve been Glitter and it wouldn’t have mattered.  Who ever created this intro had a vast knowledge of how to amp up an audience.  I miss the old HBO.


2 Responses to Crazy Crap: 4/18/09

  1. unholy moly says:

    remember when you would come home to free hbo it was this cruel joke so i could see what i was missing I haven’t even had cable in 3 years what the fuck

  2. Justin says:

    Hearing that music again… it made me want to shout DRAGO!!!!

    2 years later, Rocky IV would have been filmed for that very reason. They knew what HBO was all about, and Sylvester Stallone needed another entry in the series to make the best of what HBO had to offer… only to realize that 16 years later, every good piece of programming on HBO would be whored out to every other cable channel known to man.

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