Thursday Throwbacks: 4/16/09


I….I tried to think.  Nothing came to mind for this week’s Throwback.  I tried to think of the most harmless thing.  Something I loved from my childhood.  Something that could always, always, entertain us.  Then it hit me like the sticky mess of a melted 100 foot marshmallow man….The Real Ghostbusters.

Cashing in on the fame of the Ghostbusters film, Columbia Pictures Television, DiC Entertainment, and Coca-Cola (that’s right, Coca-Cola) put together a show for the little ones that continued the adventures of our favorite paranormal exterminators.  The only original actor from the movie who auditioned for his character was Ernie Hudson.  Can you believe they made the real Winston had to try-out to be Winston!  Shenanigans!  That’s what I have to say!  And to further shenaniganize the situation, the part was given to the dog barking, late night talk show host, Arsenio Hall!  Wowers.

Let the bustin’ begin!

Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream:

Janine’s Day Off:

The Boogieman Cometh:

The Collect Call of Cathulhu:

Even though an Egon impersonator, and a Garfieldish take on Venkman slid under the P.K.E., we were still left with a show that spawned bitchin’ toy, after bitchin’ toy, and slimmed the living hell out us (not to mention our parents).




As the Ghostbusters movie plays behind me whilst I type, my mind looks towards the future.  If the rumours around Spook Central are valid, there’s a possibility of a GB 3.  No amount of self cooking eggs, blue-clawed ghoul hands, or refridgerators containing deamon-dogs, could keep me from braving a midnight showing of such a funtastic film.  I would be there mid theater (cuz that’s the best seating in the house) with Ecto-Cooler in hand.  But the fate of that delectible beverage is a tale for another time.  In the meantime, watch everything Ghostbusters until all life as you know it stops instantaneously and every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light.


4 Responses to Thursday Throwbacks: 4/16/09

  1. Reed says:

    !!!!! GUUUUHH… man i miss ghost buster toys.. had the van with the shitty thing that came out the side.. and the base (such a good word) where you poor the slime down the street drain…

  2. Reed says:

    wait…. the van was ninja turtles.. wait, everything was ninja turtles… fail

  3. Justin says:

    I had the HQ, Ecto1, all those up top except the blue things in back in pic 1 and the purple thing to the left of ’em, the Mantis Taxi (That thing was my #1 Christmas Item from the moment I first laid eyes on it) and some other random ones. Although, my Ninja Turtle collection heavily outweighed my Ghostbuster collection *sigh*

  4. Gabriel says:

    I had the blimp.

    Oh wait, that was ninja turtles also…


    I had Egon. He had a proton ray coming out of the zapper and you could spin it around. Whippee!!

    The ecto slime smelled like ass.

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