Pour One Out For: Dave Arneson 10/1/47 – 4/7/09


Gamers, LARPers, and pimple cream enthusiasts world over have one more reason to hate their lives.  On April 7th, the remaining half of the D&D creators joined his partner in the place where games never end.  Dave Arneson has passed away after botching his saving throw against cancer.

With both Gygax and Arneson gone, the mystical realm of monsters and mazes just won’t be the same.  If it wasn’t for those two pioneers, aging parents would be stuck taking care of their misfit children until the day the Reaper came to save them from their torment.  They gave a sense of belonging to people with no hope of attaining popularity.  We should praise them for that alone!


So crack open your old Blackmoor books, dust off your peuter figurines, then game until somebody gets hospitalized for stepping on a rogue d4 (you know it’s happened to somebody close to you).  May your critical hits, and max damage, cleave many an ogre in twain for Dave Arneson.  He will be missed.


One Response to Pour One Out For: Dave Arneson 10/1/47 – 4/7/09

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