/Film’s 10 Most Influential Movies of the Past Decade


Brenden Connelly of /Film, one of the few movie blogs I trust, posted his list of the top 10 most influential movies of the past decade. Brenden argues his choices thoroughly and I’d say I agree with 8 out of 10. I’m psyched Children of Men made the cut.

So check out the list and let us (not them) know what you think. What don’t you agree with? What do you think should have been included. I really think he fucked up in not including Toy Story. That movie was a fucking benchmark in computer animation and Pixar has put out more consistantly amazing movies than any other studio (all Cars aside). Up! is probably the only summer movie I’m excited about. The other movie the list is lacking is Gattaca, just because.


2 Responses to /Film’s 10 Most Influential Movies of the Past Decade

  1. probot8 says:

    I agree with the Toy Story point, but it came out in ’95. Toy Story II was in ’99 and that was pretty damn good too.

    The list seems really geared towards people of a directorial bent, which is cool with me, but I would give massive props to 40 yr. Old Virgin for all the reasons listed. Comedies have completely changed as a result of that film and it’s been all for the better. The Apatow brand has really stepped up the quality of the stories that are told in comedies.

  2. Oh Mars says:

    Best Apatow is still Heavyweights, doy.
    You know, I looked up Toy Story’s release date before I wrote that and in my fucked up genius brain it made sense.
    Thanks, Pro.

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