Among The ‘Living’: “American Zombie” In Review


When one hears the word ‘zombie’, thoughts of flesh ripping, brain eating, and undead hordes come to mind.  What a racist train of thought.  Haven’t you ever wondered how they feel about such stereotypes?  Through the glory that is Netflix, I happened upon a little documentary that I simply couldn’t pass up.

In this original take on a zombie film, two film makers delve deep into the Zombie Community and follow 4 “Revenants” (as they’re called) through their daily lives.  We learn about what causes the reanimation, the 3 different kinds of Revenants, what action is being taken in the fight for zombie rights, and join the 4 subjects as they attend the annual “Live Dead” festival, a kind of zombie Wood Stock.

This movie was amazing.  It wasn’t as great as I, Zombie but still interesting none the less.  The way the zombie folk tip-toed around questions about what their diet was had me shaking my “you bastard!”-fists at maximum intensity.  It was such a cool way to humanize these creatures.  I mean, come on.  We all know they eat flesh, so making it out to look like a big cultural secret was rather sweet.  They seemed to be ashamed of it, at some points, but that gets thrown out the window at the end of the film.

Like most mockumentaries, American Zombie had “real” historians, doctors, religious nuts, and bounty hunters.  There’s this one dude in the film whom families hire to find out if their lost loved ones have been turned.  The way normal zombie transition rules work are a little different in this movie.  Once the subject turns, it becomes disorientated, and is left with no knowledge of its previous life.  This dude tries to locate those who may not know who they are.  But if he’s met with some resistance, say a feral Revenant or a horde of them, it’s his job to send them to the next world using every tool at his disposal.  Needless to say this dude was one of my favs.

Trailer time!:

For those avid RBM readers who happen to be fans of my reviews, you should know by now that I wouldn’t steer you wrong unless I either hated you, or if I thought it would be funny to make you watch a stupendously bad film.  Take my honest advice, and watch American Zombie.  It’s a very intelectual look at what it’s like being on the delivering end of a feeding frenzy, but with a touch of class.  WATCH IT!  \m/


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