Pour One Out For: Dave Arneson 10/1/47 – 4/7/09

April 16, 2009


Gamers, LARPers, and pimple cream enthusiasts world over have one more reason to hate their lives.  On April 7th, the remaining half of the D&D creators joined his partner in the place where games never end.  Dave Arneson has passed away after botching his saving throw against cancer. Read the rest of this entry »


/Film’s 10 Most Influential Movies of the Past Decade

April 16, 2009


Brenden Connelly of /Film, one of the few movie blogs I trust, posted his list of the top 10 most influential movies of the past decade. Brenden argues his choices thoroughly and I’d say I agree with 8 out of 10. I’m psyched Children of Men made the cut.

So check out the list and let us (not them) know what you think. What don’t you agree with? What do you think should have been included. I really think he fucked up in not including Toy Story. That movie was a fucking benchmark in computer animation and Pixar has put out more consistantly amazing movies than any other studio (all Cars aside). Up! is probably the only summer movie I’m excited about. The other movie the list is lacking is Gattaca, just because.

Thursday Throwbacks: 4/16/09

April 16, 2009


I….I tried to think.  Nothing came to mind for this week’s Throwback.  I tried to think of the most harmless thing.  Something I loved from my childhood.  Something that could always, always, entertain us.  Then it hit me like the sticky mess of a melted 100 foot marshmallow man….The Real Ghostbusters. Read the rest of this entry »

Among The ‘Living’: “American Zombie” In Review

April 16, 2009


When one hears the word ‘zombie’, thoughts of flesh ripping, brain eating, and undead hordes come to mind.  What a racist train of thought.  Haven’t you ever wondered how they feel about such stereotypes?  Through the glory that is Netflix, I happened upon a little documentary that I simply couldn’t pass up. Read the rest of this entry »

Who Did the What?! Will Ferrell to Appear on ‘Man vs. Wild’

April 16, 2009

After making me laugh my balls off as Ashley Schaffer on Eastbound and Down what do you plan to do next, Will Ferrel?

LOS ANGELES – Will Ferrell says it was a thrill to join adventurer Bear Grylls for an icy episode of Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild.”

The channel said Wednesday that Ferrell and series host Grylls spent two days in Sweden’s mountains and glaciers for a “Man vs. Wild” special.

With Grylls as his guide, Ferrell rappelled down frozen waterfalls, scavenged for food in the forest — including reindeer eyeballs — and improvised snow shoes from saplings.

Ferrell said being part of “Man vs. Wild” was the “thrill of a lifetime.” In turn, Grylls said he did an amazing job in unforgiving conditions.

The episode is set to air in early June, coinciding with the release of Ferrell’s new comedy-adventure film “Land of the Lost.” (source)

I can’t wait. Will Ferrel + survival situations ripe with comedy = me happy. That’s some serious cross-promotion. Reindeer eyeballs are no joke. Those fuckers have big heads so I’m guessing their eyes are kinda hard to gulp down without sinking your teeth into ’em. Yum.

Side-note about reindeer: Isn’t it cool that they eat mushrooms and trip balls?

Sub side-note: I’ve also heard that the indigenous people that live near wild reindeer collect their urine and drink it because it retains whatever is in there that makes you kooky. And I’m not really cool with that. Had a bad urine drinking experience myself as a young’n.

I was about 9 or 10 and my family was on vacation in the lovely White Mountains of New Hampshire when my youngest brother realizes he has to piss. Dad ain’t about to stop so my mom produces an empty 10-k bottle (old school, knock-off Gatorade, anyone?) and has him wiz in there. About 20 minutes later I reach down to grab my thirst quenching lemon-lime 10-k. I yank off the cap and take a mighty swig. In the split second before the fluid hits my mouth I realize the warmth of the bottle in my hand and the odor eminating towards my nose. I might have swallowed a mouthful. I remember spitting some back into the bottle, but I also remember asking my dad if I was going to die. He joked for a second, until my mom made him stop, saying they would have to take me to the hospital to get my stomach pumped. I drank pee, not cool.