Pour One Out For: Starlog

April 14, 2009


This trend is unfortunately getting more and more frequent with print mags. And it really sucks.

“Long before Entertainment Weekly, or Aintitcoolnews.com, or podcasts, Twitter feeds, blogs or THE INTERNET ITSELF, Starlog Magazine was in the business of covering all things geek. Spurred on by the popularity of the Star Trek conventions that cropped up in the wake of the classic series’ cancellation, editor Kerry O’Quinn and publisher Norman Jacobs launched Starlog in August of 1976. And after 33 years and 374 issues, Starlog is officially calling it quits, continuing for the time being as an online-only publication.”


The State Finally Coming to DVD; Ready to Dip My Balls in It.

April 14, 2009


The planets have aligned and the comedy gods have spoken: The State is coming to DVD.

Thomas Lennon, co-star of the upcoming comedy 17 Again, told reporters that his cult MTV show The State will be coming to DVD this summer. “July 14th,” Lennon said in a news conference on Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif. “For real: Bastille Day. The whole g–damn thing. I have no idea why it’s coming out on Bastille Day, but it’s coming out on Bastille Day.” (Source – no idea why SciFi Wire reported this, but thanks)

Fucking finally. I’ve been watching lousy, fourth generation VHS rips of my favorite State bits since YouTube was invented.

Old Fashioned Guy FTW!!!