Heavy Metal Monday: 4/13/09


Friday night, and the mood was right.  A few Thundercats and some Keystone Light.  Sure, it’s Monday, but so fucking what!  I Thunder-drank away my weekend, so the party isn’t over until I say so!  I think some heavy fucking shredding is in order, don’t you?  Today feels like a good day to dive dick deep into some tittie twisting thrash from OVERKILL!


Is your body pumping pure power from foot to face?!  I know mine is!  OVERKILL is one of the most underrated bands of all time.  I’ve been to 3 of their New England shows, with the hopes to make that number grow.  Bobby Blitz (that tattooed, ripped, front man) has such a unique voice that only music of this style could handle it’s intensity.  He has a super commanding stage presance, muscles upon muscles, as well as the vicious sneer of a velociraptor.  If you don’t have even one OVERKILL album in your mountain of metal then you should be ashamed of yourself.  Get out into the world of sunshine, shades firmly in place, then buy at least 3 of their cds.  You won’t be dissapointed. \m/


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