Saber Body Spray Commercial; Boners

Here’s a commercial for a fake Star Wars body spray which features two women having at it with lightsabers. Educated folks know that the only thing that can stop a lightsaber is another lightsaber (until the Yuuzhan Vong came along, but that’s not canon, chill holmes). Following that logic, clothes are no match for a lightsaber either. (Looks around for the high five)

In other nerdy news, look over to the right and you’ll see a new link added to our blog roll. It’s called Omega Level and it’s a site run by my homie Ian and his brother Allen. They’re two talented writers who they’re shit so check ’em out. Educated folks know that an Omega Level mutant possesses powers far beyond those of normal mutants. Following that logic, their site has to be good.


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