Thursday Throwbacks: 4/9/09


Last night’s LOST wore me out.  I am super tired, majorly hungry, and all my body wants is to sleep for a couple of days.  But before I crash, it is only right that you loyal readers get your weekly fix of old school cartoons.  This week might not be remembered by many.  Hell, I didn’t even remember it until it caught my attention at a Blockbuster a handful of years ago.  So while I feast on a couple sweet sandwiches, you put on your nostalgia caps and enjoy a few great episodes of Visionaries:  Knights of the Magical Light.

The Age of Magic Begins:

The Dark Hand of Treachery:

Quest for the Dragon’s Eye:

The Price of Freedom:

Did anybody else notice the voice of Starscream rasping forth from one of the bad guys?  I’m quite sure I even heard Optimus Prime in there as well.  That’s what I love about “our” cartoons.  Back in the day we couldn’t tell them apart, and now it’s as plain as day.  Funny how things like that work out.  Later gators.  \m/


2 Responses to Thursday Throwbacks: 4/9/09

  1. Gabriel says:


  2. Oh Mars says:

    I’ve never ever nover over heard of this jam. Thank you Lord Defender.

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